Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Since time has been whizzing by, I have been having feelings of nostalgia... 

I remember sitting in the back yard on my Dad's knee as he told me and all of the other neighborhood kids a scary story.  I remember being woken up by my Mom to go for an early morning run/walk before school.  I remember racing to "King of the Mountain Rock" with my brothers to watch all of the hot air balloons float weightlessly on the air above.  I remember walking through crinkling leaves as I embraced the smell of roasting green chilies on my way home from X-Country practice.  I remember the feeling of absolute freedom as I drove home from high-school to be home just because I could:).  I remember singing my heart out to Taylor Swift in the white van as my mom drove me to my first day of college.  I remember being overwhelmed by butterflies as I first chatted with the handsome man that I would eventually marry.  I remember glancing out the plane window to see my introductory view of NYC. 

  As I have reflected on all of these experiences in my life, I am reminded of how many blessings the Lord has poured down on me.  I am so grateful for all of life's experiences and look forward to making more wonderful memories...


  1. I love feeling like this! Sometimes I'm like, "Geez, Anna, must you be SO nostalgic?" But it's true, it makes you realize the blessings.

  2. ;) Anna, you are one of the few people that completely understand me. I am so glad we are sisters. Sometimes when I say or do something that no one else gets I think to myself, "Dang, I wish Anna were here... She'd get it. ;) haha" Miss you chica!