Tuesday, August 6, 2013

This whirlwind we call our L.I.F.E.


Time just keeps whizzing by.  I would have posted sooner, but alas, we did not have internet. So here's a little update on what we've been up to these past few months...

-  Flew to Hawaii for an AWESOME McKell family vacation
-  Accepted a new job in WA
-  Packed up our apartment with the help of some amazing friends
-  Flew to Utah for another amazing family reunion
-  Picked up our very first (new to us) car as a couple
-  Drove to WA
-  Found a place to live
-  Un-packed with the help of the very BEST parents in the world!!! (Seriously, don't know how they      put up with us kids!)
-  Visited the WA temple (IT'S GORGEOUS!)
-  And... last, but not least we went to our new ward.  Literally. It's new. The stake boundaries were just   changed and a new ward was created. This last Sunday was the first time that a combination of people   from SIX! different wards met in their new ward.  So our first Sunday was basically a "meet and        greet." Lots of people would start out by saying, "What ward are you from?" and so I'd answer.. The Brooklyn Chinese Branch;).  Haha I thought it was funny:P.  Anyways enough of me talking.  Here are a few pictures of this whirlwind we call our L.I.F.E.

Me, My Grandma Elliott, and the Gorgeous Cousin Crystal standing by Grandma's favorite flowers.
no food + no sleep + packing = you turn into a Zombie

Our view driving into WA... LOVE IT!
Me and Adam at the Temple grounds = our favorite place ;)

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