Sunday, March 9, 2014


Wow. I feel sheepish. I guess I'm not so great at this blogging thing. Haha, Oh well. We do the best we can right?

So the past couple months have been a blur. Recently Adam has been super busy with work due to busy season, and I already can't wait for it to be over. I hate coming home to an empty house. I think it's from growing up in a big family. Going from a house full of noise and boys running around playing laser tag has made me realize how quiet a place can become when you're in it by yourself. But, alas, I know this busy season will not last forever (I hope). I can definitely see how living by family would be so nice. To be able to get dinner at mom's house instead of making a bowl of oatmeal because you don't want to bake a full meal for one would be so nice.  It's so true what they say, you don't realize how much something can matter to you until it is gone. How I can't wait for the day Kage comes home from his mission! I look forward to going home, and getting to hang out with family:)

But, for now I will keep busy with work. A couple weeks ago I started a job as a receptionist and it has been nice to do something different. I enjoy learning new things, and like the change of scenery.  I have also started to teach beginner piano lessons to a few kiddos from church. They are all a highlight of my week and I look forward to teaching them. The things they say crack me up and make me excited to have my own kids someday! One of them asked me if I had any kids, and I said, "not yet" and he said, "oh, well, when you have a baby will you name him my name?" I couldn't help but smile:) I told him "maybe." He seemed to be happy with that.

I have also been enjoying teaching the Beehives in Young Womens at church each Sunday. All of the girls in my class have the sweetest spirits and I feel it a privilege to get to discuss and study the scriptures with them. As I plan and prepare the lessons for Sunday I can't help but feel how much Heavenly Father must love his children. What a wonderful opportunity to be surrounded by such amazing youth! I learn from each of their examples and testimonies and I am so excited to spend more time with our YW at girls camp this summer! Even with the spiders:) haha I know it will be awesome!

Well, I better sign off before this gets too long:)

Here is a pic Adam said he had to take of me before church. I had said "I have turned into my mom:) I have all the bags for church to prove it:)"

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