Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Smattering of Pics and Events

Here's a bunch of pictures/ memories from the past year...

That time that MiMi came to visit:) Can't wait for her to come again for thanksgiving!

When I used to have long hair.

At Kage's homecoming from his 2 yr. mission in CHILE. The boys gave mom roses for being such a rockstar mom:)

That time Adam and I got to go with our good friend Jen to see the musical Lion King in Seattle. 

The show was AWESOME!

The theater.. we had such great seats.

When we had to make the trip to go to the new Cafe Rio with friends:) It was Definitely worth the drive!

Oh, and Adam's back surgery. Had to put this picture in since it was such a big event to have RIGHT before Christmas. Adam is such a trooper! 

Oh, ya know... when your husband has to work crazy long hours, you sometimes have to hug them and not let go while they work :) Let's just say I was missing him a little.. or maybe A WHOLE LOT!!!

After Adam's work Christmas party.

Loved getting to visit my family and go shooting with Dad and Kagumzz.

Yes, of course I hit the bulls-eye every time:)... okay maybe exaggerating.

Look at dem STUDS!

Let's not forget the highlight of this year! Baby girl due Jan. 23rd.

That time I made homemade chicken pot pie. Our favorite meal of the year.

When Annie and I just had to pose for a pic on our family trip to Vancouver.

Look at how dang cute Eleanor looks in those glasses!

Our bike ride around Vancouver.

Our bikes rocked! They even had baskets baby:)

Austin and Chandra holding hands as they biked.. takes skillz

Look at that beautiful view!

Adam just loves kids. He is going to be an awesome dad.

Oh yeah, This is when I went to girls camp for a week in upper 90 degree weather! Did I mention I'm pregnant here? Talk about exhaustion. 

When my parents came to visit us in Seattle. I just LOOOOOVE my family!!!!

Hiking up to see the falls with the fam.

Loved getting to spend time with all my nieces and nephews this summer!

Let's not forget Austin and Chandra's wedding! It was absolutely beautiful.

Overall, I would say we have had such a busy, fun, eventful year so far. I just love making memories:)


  1. You are so cute! I love seeing pictures. We don't get to see each-other enough. Loves.

  2. Love, love, love you both!!!! Counting months until we see you again.