Monday, February 11, 2013

Sometimes practice doesn't always make perfect...

Have you ever had those moments where you really wish you could just switch talents with someone? Well, considering what you read in the first sentence of this post, it won't surprise you to know that I sometimes do. Ok, maybe a little more than sometimes..more like, a lot of times.  I don't know. I know the line "practice makes perfect" is constantly repeated by teachers, but I do think there are certain instances where this type of thinking is false. For example, no matter what I do I still can't write the way I would like to.  I wish upon all stars that I could just sit down and wrte exactly what I am feeling, but I have a hard time doing this.  I don't understand. I can play my
Heart out on the piano, but I can't write a simple poem to go with it?  Some how some people can just sit down and write something beautiful.  I really wish I could do this.  Oh to be able to  sit down at a computer and write something great without taking 20 hours of your life! I have been reading a lot of books recently and I love how a book well written can transport you to another time, or another place and bring out emotions in you that you never knew you had.  I have longed to do something similar... Except not through writing books, but through writing lyrics to go along with my music.  I have the music.... The only problem is.... I don't have the lyrics.  Why does writing have to be so dang hard?! I have written hundreds of essays in my life. You'd think I'd be able to write one simple set of lyrics.  Is that so much to ask for? Haha ;)

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